Welcome to Physiotherapy-To-Your-Home

Our service is aimed at the population of Ringwood, New Forest and the surrounding area. We primarily treat clients over the age of 60, but not exclusively, so please do ask us.

We are Chartered and State registered Physiotherapists, Jane and Martina. We pride ourselves in treating clients in a holistic way, using a variety of hands on approaches and advanced specialist rehabilitation techniques, as well as the more traditional methods of physiotherapy such as exercise. Between us we have over 20 years of experience, in the NHS, in the private sector and also in teaching and research.

We provide physiotherapy treatment in the privacy of your home, but also run a regular clinic on Mondays at the Ringwood Medical Centre, where we can make use of our specialised equipment. We also run 3 regular exercises classes on Thursdays at the Greyfriars Community Centre.

We are passionate about enabling you to set and achieve the goals that really matter to you.

We have helped people to walk again despite them being told that they wouldn’t. We have helped people to no longer be bed bound. We have helped people to stand and transfer independently again. We have helped people regain independence, confidence, strength and stability after falls, injury, illness or a neurological event such as a stroke or head injury. We have been privileged to improve the quality of life of our Clients, helping them to achieve things they have been told were no longer possible for them.

WE BELIEVE IN YOU- if you think you would like to achieve something-WE WILL DO EVERYTHING WE CAN TO HELP YOU!

We have a pool of associate therapist with varied holistic skills. We also have links with our NHS colleagues and we work alongside NHS medical teams and other health professionals in order for our clients to access the right services, NHS treatment, resources and information.


  • mobility and balance issues building up confidence, helping you to stay independent
  • rehabilitation before and after an operation, a fall, hospital stay or after being unwell
  • general aches and pains including pain in your back, neck, knees, shoulders
  • we are specialised at treating patients with neurological conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s, MS, head injury, spinal injury, we can also see and help clients with mental health issues and special needs

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.