What Techniques We Use

We pride ourselves by using traditional physiotherapy approaches together with specialised treatment techniques. All of our therapies are hands on and tailored to your individual needs. We believe in a holistic approach to your health, tackling the root of your problems and teaching you coping strategies to address the symptoms of your condition.

All our treatment strategies are complemented by researched and evidence based breathing techniques, visualisation and mindfulness approaches.


Techniques used to manually loosen up tight and stiff joins with a gentle mobilisation.


These include massage, trigger pointing, MET and other methods to treat tight and over sensitive muscles, tendons, fascia, scar tissue etc.


This is a specialised soft tissue release technique used for the effective treatment and rehabilitation of soft tissue, particularly fascial tension and restrictions. This is a gentle technique with a profound effect on the overall restoration of movement and function.


We are pleased to be able to offer a specialised scar tissue management approach. We will guide you through effectively encouraging a healing process of a fresh scar to optimise the function of all the tissues effected by a scar. We are also able to offer rebalancing of old scars, which might be a source of problems and postural dysfunction. We are also able to support you through any emotional release that might be linked with scar tissue optimisation.


We will design an individualised program to loosen tight muscles, to improve your flexibility and to strengthen any weakened muscles including core strength and pelvic floor.


These include specialised approaches to facilitate recovery and healing of the nervous systems following trauma, injury or degenerative process. We mainly use Bobath technique approach, PNF (proprioceptive neurological facilitation) and MFR (myofascial release).


A gentle method of self-help that enables you to identify harmful postural habits. The technique is a powerful tool for self-awareness and learning to release unnecessary tension in everyday life. Following major clinical trials Alexander Technique is now included in NICE guidelines for lower back pain and Parkinson’s.


An ancient art where needles are placed in specific points in the body to ease pain, musculoskeletal injuries and emotional trauma.


Please ask if you have a specific requirement. We will endeavour to meet your particular need.